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MotM Poll: Manchester United 3 - 1 Chelsea

What a ridiculous match.

Is it possible for a match to be so frustrating and anger-inducing, yet also encouraging? The inability to finish still fills me with rage, and - that Torres miss. I just... I can't even. Speechless.

I could whine about the fact that two of their goals were offside so it should have been a 1-1 draw, but it also could have been 2-1 to us if Ramires and Torres had scored, and it could have been different if Rooney hadn't missed the penalty, so it's futile for me to complain right now. It's Old Trafford, so their goals counted and we lost.

One of the boys will be back with the match recap later, but for now have a vote for your Man of the Match. I really just can't process right now. We absolutely could have won this match. I had a good time mocking Wayne Rooney for his hilarious penalty slip, but then the Torres miss knocked the wind right out of my sails.

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