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Chelsea 1-3 Manchester United: Reaction Thread

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A loss, but not a disheartening one. Manchester United are a very good side and Chelsea pushed them hard all the way. It's the rare 3-1 game where the losing side can be proud of their performance, but Chelsea were excellent in most phases of play and deserved more than they got.

If nothing else, they've proved that they're capable of giving United a game, which is more than the rest of the clowns in the league have managed (apart from West Brom, who weren't really trying to win). For a team that had been written off, it was an impressive performance. It certainly took a lot of courage for the manager to go with the lineup he did. That it didn't work out is just something we have to accept. For my money, that was a good display, and if it costs us three points to show that we can go toe to toe with United... that's a price worth paying.