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MotM Poll: Chelsea 2-0 Bayer Leverkusen

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Credit where it's due, says Bob.


I unfortunately didn't see the match. What I'm hearing, though, is that, while we're still not at our barnstorming best, we are continuing to evolve as a footballing side. Excellent news.

Fernando Torres puts the mistranslation, and subsequent controversy, behind him with a solid display. David Luiz returns to the side in style. Juan Mata, well, is Juan Mata. The kid is special.

And Michael Ballack returns to Stamford Bridge blanketed by a warm reception. Lovely. I, for one, can't wait to see what I missed.

You guys, in the meantime, have a vote in our man of the match poll. If you're feeling frisky, leave a word or two on what you thought of the match in the comment section below.