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Didier Drogba Will Miss Manchester United Match - Guardian

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While Andre Villas-Boas is still claiming that Didier Drogba's return from concussion could see the striker ready for action by the time Chelsea make the trip to face Manchester United, the Guardian is reporting that he's almost certain to miss the crunch fixture due to the club's caution over rushing him back from the injury. Drogba, of course, was knocked out cold following an accidental punch to the temple by Norwich City goalkeeper John Ruddy two weeks ago, and is only just now beginning to return to training.

Considering he hit the ground so hard he's had to take two days off this week to get his teeth fixed, I'm hoping the team isn't in any sort of hurry to rush him back into action. Concussions are scary news, and there's no point risking losing Drogba for longer just because we have a difficult game coming up on the weekend. In other words, I'd be completely ok with fielding Fernando Torres next Sunday and taking our lumps at Old Trafford*. Drogba would be nice, but we've got to have our priorities straight, and the difference between a win and a loss just isn't big enough to justify risking his health in the long run.

*Which isn't to say Chelsea can't win there, just that United will (rightly) be favourites to get a result.

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