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Raul Meireles Assigned #16

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New Chelsea midfielder Raul Merieles wore squad number four with Liverpool, but with David Luiz already occupying the shirt at Stamford Bridge, Meireles was going to have to find a new one. That'll be the unoccupied #16, then, previously worn by none other than assistant manager Roberto di Matteo. It'll be a tough ask for Meireles to match the contributions di Matteo made in Chelsea blue, but I think he'll be a valuable member of the team regardless.

There are a lot of people who aren't happy about the signing, though, and that's perfectly fine. Football is a difficult game to work out and I know full well that I can be wrong about anything and everything football except for the fact that Gianfranco Zola was some sort of deity, so I'm hardly going to get annoyed at someone for holding the opinion that he's garbage. What I will say, though, is that he's a Chelsea player, and that this is a Chelsea team.

Criticise the signing and the play on the field all you like, but Meireles (and the rest *cough Salomon Kalou cough cough*) deserve our support from the time they sign with us to when they depart. There are things to be happy about and things to be disappointed about in the window, but just because you wanted Luka Modric there's no reason to take it out on poor Meireles.

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