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More rumblings about a deal for Romelu Lukaku nearing completion, this time with quotes from the player himself

Many media and bloggers are starting to get concerned about Chelsea's lack of activity in the transfer market so far this summer, but things seem to be moving a little faster now that the club has returned from Asia. We've been connected with Anderlecht star Romelu Lukaku for several years now, and this morning we were treated to some fresh quotes about the ongoing transfer saga. Lukaku was asked about his status with Chelsea, and reportedly responded with the following:

I am waiting very calmly for the phone call that will tell me everything has been agreed between the clubs, Anderlecht and my agent are aware that this uncertainty is not good for me or the club. They will resolve things at some point

That sounds promising in and of itself. Lukaku was asked specifically about the rumor circulating that he's already spoken to the club and agreed to terms and responded with this:

I'm not answering that. I know everything that is going on. That is why I often laugh about the things I read in the press. I am an Anderlecht player right now and that is what I am focusing on.

He goes on to speculate about how he'd fit into the current rotation at Chelsea, all of which sounds very promising for the club. There's quite a few of them there, so instead of cutting and pasting them all I'd suggest you just follow the link. The idea that we've already agree'd to personal terms with Lukaku seems like rubbish, but the specific quotes about different players and their roles with Chelsea suggest to me that he's already been in contact with the club. That's a good thing to hear, as it probably suggests that we're nearing an agreement. If the by-product of us missing Javier Pastore is signing Romelu Lukaku, I'll definitely be sending a Christmas card to Paris this winter.

Update: Anderlecht today completed the signing of Liverpool striker Milan Jovanovic. Not necessarily related, but you can't help but think that might be a nice insurance policy.

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