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Luka Modric Bid Was Actually £30M Plus Alex, Says BBC

So the Luka Modric rumour might be dead and buried, but its memory lives as the transfer window draws to a close. If you'll recall, there was a lot of talk going on about a £40M offer made by Chelsea for the services of Tottenham Hotspur's playmaker, with Harry Redknapp even 'confirming' the offer earlier. Turns out no, the bid wasn't £40M. It was £30M plus Alex. I can't find the original source, so you'll have to trust Dan Levene here:

This from BBC on Harry's claimed £40m Chelsea bid for Modric: it was actually £30m + Alex (good sources). Spurs turned it down.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Two things. First of all, good grief were we insane to offer this. Modric is worth 30M, tops, if you're going to overpay. He's not worth 30M plus a Premier League starting calibre centre back. Second, if we were insane to offer it, Spurs were way crazier to turn it down. They could have taken Chelsea's money, Alex, bought Raul Meireles and probably extras as well. Stubbornness can be a pig.

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