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De Bruyne and Genk kiss and make up, there will be no Chelsea move this window

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Earlier today, Kevin De Bruyne expressed his frustration that Genk had rejected what he considered a fair offer from Chelsea. The rumored price was only 6 million, so I don't know if I'd be as inclined as De Bruyne to think Genk was turning down a great deal. It appears there won't be any move for De Bruyne in the summer window, as the player and club management have reportedly met this afternoon and cleared the air.

Kevin De Bruyne, his people and Genk management have sat down and sorted things out. He stays at Genk, problems resolved.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

The club were under no obligation to sell the player, but given the fact that De Bruyne seems to have been appeased so quickly after so clearly wanting this move makes me think they may have given him the assurances he wants that the move will be happening in a later window. That's bad news for Chelsea in the fact that we'll now possibly have to face the talented winger twice in the group stages, but for Genk that's probably a very good thing.

I think it's pretty clear I'm a huge De Bruyne fan, but I think at this point we can feel comfortable that we've sold the player on our club and laid the foundation for a future move. There's nothing to stop us from continuing the negotiations with Genk over the coming weeks and simply not finalizing the deal until January, so I'd still keep your eyes open for Chelsea scouts at Genk's games. Best of luck this fall Kevin, I'm sure we'll be back in touch soon.

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