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Arsenal In For Mikel Arteta - So Why Aren't Chelsea?

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Not that I really want to rain on Arsenal's parade, because they sure could use some cheering up right now, but since they're in for midfield help and Chelsea could do with some badly as well, I'm a little curious as to why the Blues aren't interfering with the supposed Mikel Arteta transfer that the Gunners are on the verge of completion.

Arteta would fit Chelsea's needs just as well as he would Arsenal's, the Blues can offer more money in terms of transfer fee and wages and in all probability the guarantee of Champions League football that this incarnation of Arsene Wenger's team cannot. Arteta has asked to leave Everton now that he's found out the Gunners want him, but I'd be surprised if he were any less interested should Chelsea come a-calling.

Anyway, this isn't a call to action to ruin Arsenal's party - they're welcome to have some joy in signing a good player - it's just that I'm really really curious as to why Chelsea didn't even bother.

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