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Harry Redknapp Claims Chelsea Bid £40M For Luka Modric

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Good grief, that's a lot of money. Anyway - that rumoured bid of £40M that Chelsea were willing to spend on Luka Modric has become frighteningly real with Harry Redknapp claiming that Tottenham Hotspur 'apparently' received the offer only for Daniel Levy to turn the bid down.

There are two paths to take here - the Harry Redknapp is a good, honest, decent man wo only says stuff he knows to be true path and then the other one. In order:

  1. Frankly, that's a bullet dodged, because despite the need for midfield help, despite the class Modric brings to the table and the small amount of amusement I'd get from seeing Spurs scramble around to rebuild their midfield, £40M is too much for Chelsea to be spending on Luka Modric right now. Tottenham's stubbornness may have caused the Blues to throw far too much money at the problem, but it also saved them from themselves when they nearly pulled a Torres.
  2. Remember that it's not beyond Redknapp to simply invent stuff or scrounge it from the newspapers, especially when he's not actively involved in a transfer. The papers are full of this reported 40M offer, and it would come as no surprise if Redknapp simply borrowed the rumour from there and used it to show off how hardcore Spurs are by keeping their best player despite a huge bid.

Anyway, pick whichever path suits.

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