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Daniel Sturridge was not in Liverpool today despite what some rumors would have you believe

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Sorry Liverpool fans...despite the rumors that got started on Twitter today, Daniel Sturridge and his agent were not, in fact, at a Liverpool training session to work out details of a swap involving Raul Meireles.

Ryan Bertrand and Daniel Sturridge were training at #CFC today in a small non-internationals group taken by Roberto Di Matteo.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

I don't think too many intelligent fans put much into this to begin with, as Sturridge is not only a likely starter at Chelsea, but he's probably about twice as valuable on the market as Meireles due to age, position, and homegrown status. It's still nice to see a little confirmation though, as not much makes me feel as warm and fuzzy as dashing the hopes of Liverpool fans.