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Bayern Rubbish Rumours Of Franck Ribery Chelsea Move

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I think most people realised that the Franck Ribery rumours floating around the internet that said the Bayern Munich and France star was coming to Chelsea were something rather akin to garbage, but it was pretty unnerving seeing him linked so often to the Blues, especially once people started saying he'd signed with the club for 22M. Ribery is a very good footballer and would present a clear upgrade over, say, Florent Malouda, but he would a) be very expensive and b) be cup tied in UEFA competitions, which made him less of an obvious fit for Chelsea.

On top of those two things, Bayern would not have been able to replace Ribery with another player - the German window has closed and they're no longer allowed to bring players in. Add that all up and you have something that's quite probably nonsense. Add comments from the club about how silly the rumours are, and you can be sure:

Bayern sporting director Nerlinger to Süddeutsche: "no offer & complete non-starter" #Riberyless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Nothing against Ribery the player (although as Bayern Munich wingers go, I prefer the other one), but it's nice to see sanity win the day. The idea that the 28-year-old would leave the Allianz Arena after the transfer window in Germany was closed with no obvious replacement should probably have struck as all as crazier than it did, but hey. He's not coming, and Chelsea aren't after him, nor have they been chasing him recently. The more you know!

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