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Kevin De Bruyne Irked At Lack Of Chelsea Transfer So Far

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So Chelsea still haven't managed to pry 20-year-old winger Kevin de Bruyne away from Genk, although there's a new and improved bid on the table from the Blues. De Bruyne isn't happy at the lack of progress, and has said so (I'm bored of the orignal language/Google translate game so here's the translation):

I do not want controversy. But I'm disappointed in the attitude of Genk. Chelsea did, however, a very nice offer, the club wanted me one year free Genk stables and I let a lot during that time wages fall. Just because the sport takes precedence for me. Today I had to come Degraen and suddenly he said that he was a bad bid. We are in negotiations has been very rightly Genk opposite and everything seemed to go well. I hope it still goes on, because sports is a dream scenario for me. I do not understand this Genk wants to stop.

-Kevin de Bruyne. Source: De Standaard.

Good job avoiding controversy there, Kevin. Throwing your club under the bus because they won't sell you is generally regarded as a pretty silly thing to do, even if you desperately want a move. Besides, even if he did join Chelsea, he'd still be playing at Genk - so what would really change for him? Not much, I'd wager, and almost certainly not enough to make it wise to get into a fight against it.

Anyway, I'm still pretty sure that this deal is getting done and that Genk are just trying to squeeze a little more money out of Chelsea in the process, as is their right. It'd be odd if this ends up like the Thibuat Courtois deal, though, where the player and team get so peeved at the situation that the possibility of a loan back evaporates.

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