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The Latest Luka Modric Transfer Rumour - Deal Alive, Drogba Involved?

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It's been too long since we entertained ourselves with the amusing ramblings of Ian McGarry, but this one is just too good to pass up. Chelsea, apparently, aren't done with Luka Modric yet (even if Tottenham Hotspur think they are, the fools) and they're totally going to make a 30M plus Florent Malouda offer for the little Croatian who could™. Spurs, apparently, have preemptively rejected that offer, asking for Didier Drogba instead.

#CFC will offer £30m plus Florent Malouda to #THFC in exchange for Luka Modric. #THFC have asked for Didier Drogba.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Since the world I'm used to living in mostly features Ian McGarry being wrong about mostly everything*, it's difficultto take this one very seriously. It is interesting, however, to look at how we'd react to each proposed deal - I would be happy to offer Malouda as bait to Spurs, mostly because I don't think he's worth that much on the market, but if Chelsea gave Drogba to Tottenham for anything less than a completely exorbitant price, I might explode in a fiery rage.

*Unless Marco van Basten became Chelsea manager while nobody was paying attention and subsequently signed Neymar.

Anyway, until a more reputable source has this one, I think my stance is that nothing is happening. Although, yeah, the Malouda option is intriguing.

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