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Chelsea Forget They've Sold Slobodan Rajkovic

It's a standard international preview for Chelsea, which generally isn't worth commenting about even when we're not in transfer deadline mania mode, but the club has made a bit of an amusing booboo this time. Check this out:

Didier Drogba and Salamon Kalou have both been called up to Ivory Coast's squad for their game against Rwanda, another African Cup of Nations qualifier, which takes place this Saturday 3 September.

Branislav Ivanovic and Slobodan Rajkovic travel to Northern Ireland with Serbia's squad for their clash on Friday, a Euro qualifier. They'll then host Faroe Islands on Tuesday for their second Euro qualifier.


Did Chelsea just forget that they've sold Slobodan Rajkovic to Hamburg after he failed to get a work permit? I'm pretty sure Rajkovic's over there, seeing as he scored for them last weekend, and unless I have slipped into some parrellel universe in which the 22-year-old did get his work permit (I like this universe a lot better, if so) his transfer seems like a strange thing to forget. Silly Chelsea.

Also, the fact that Didier Drogba is included in the Ivory Coast squad so soon after concussion is kind of alarming. Hopefully they treat him like he's made of glass... but I bet they won't.

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