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New Alvaro Pereira Rumour From A Bola Is The Worst Thing Ever

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So we keep going back and forth on this Alvaro Pereira thing. I think most of us have come to the conclusion that he's definitely good enough to pay for Chelsea but are worried about the price, with €30M (his buyout price) being far too expensive and €22M (our offer) still being a little pricey. Most rumours have Chelsea as unwilling to pay the full €30M, which is heartening, but this latest piece by A Bola (who mistakenly wrote that the Blues were about to pay the full buyout earlier) is absolutely sickening:

A transferência de Álvaro Pereira para o Chelsea deve ser confirmada durante o dia de hoje, em cima do fecho de inscrições, mas para isso o clube londrino teve de colocar todas as cartas na mesa, apresentando ao FC Porto uma proposta que inclui a cedência dos direitos desportivos do prodígio belga Romelu Lukaku, contratado ao Anderlecht no último defeso a troco de 15 milhões de euros.

-Source: A Bola.

See a name in there you don't like? I do too! To the translatemobile!

Alvaro Pereira's transfer to Chelsea should be confirmed as completed during the day, but for that the London club had to put all cards on the table, sending FC Porto a proposal that includes the transfer of sporting rights to Belgian prodigy Romelu Lukaku, signed from Anderlecht in exchange for 15 million euros.

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. NO. NO NO NO. This is not ok. A Bola, you are wrong, because you have to be wrong, or I will go absolutely spare. Pereira is not worth Romelu Lukaku and cash. Absolutely nothing should be taking Lukaku away from Chelsea at this point, especially not a player who isn't even guaranteed to start. How on earth can this be legitimate?

Short answer: It can't. We can't be that stupid, not after going through all that effort to sign Lukaku, who I'm pretty sure cried the first time he came to Stamford Bridge as a teenager. I'm writing that partially to convince myself it's true, but at the same time I just can't believe we'd give up on an 18-year-old striker who's had twenty (good) minutes of playing time for a left wingback.

These guys were wrong on the €30M deal from Monday, and a separate source out of Portugal already disagrees with them, saying there'll be a €24.5M cash offer. A Bola had sure better be wrong again now, or I may say some very bad things/set everything on fire.

Update: So I was checking the FIFA rules on transfers, and came up with this:

Players may be registered with a maximum of three clubs during one season. During this period, the player is only eligible to play official matches for two clubs. As an exception to this rule, a player moving between two clubs belonging to associations with overlapping seasons (i.e. start of the season in summer/autumn as opposed to winter/spring) may be eligible to play in official matches for a third club during the relevant season, provided he has fully complied with his contractual obligations towards his previous clubs.

-Article 5.3

At least we've learned something today. Lukaku could be moved again, but he has already been fielded in competitive matches by both Anderlecht and Chelsea, and therefore cannot be used in a match by Porto, which means that this isn't happening. Turn that 0.001% probability into zero. Also, screw you, A Bola. You are rapidly losing your Andre Villas-Boas/David Luiz credibility buffer.

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