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Bad News On The Mario Goetze Front

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Turns out the Mario Goetze story yesterday that said Arsenal had made a bid for the 19-year-old was a tease! Imagine that! Borussia Dortmund are not selling little Goetze for £35M, or, apparently, any other amount of money, and the rest of the world can just go ahead **** off:

Dortmund CEO: "There hasn't been and there is no offer from Arsenal for Götze. He's not for sale. All bids and offers are superfluous."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I think everyone was pretty aware that the Goetze dream was of the pipe variety, but it's sort of nice to have that official rejection, like when you're 15 years old and have a sad and pathetic little crush on that cute girl who just wants to be friends and you know it and she knows it but you two pretend you don't because you're friends and it's hilarious to everyone else who knows what's going on. That's totally like Mario Goetze and us yesterday. Fortunately, the madness has passed.

So yeah, no Goetze for anyone. Sucks to not be Dortmund, eh?

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