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Luka Modric Doubts He'll Join Chelsea

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Modric has been the big name being connected to Chelsea FC for some time now, but as the deadline approaches it's beginning to look like he may end up staying at White Hart Lane. While away on international duty with Croatia, Modric was asked if there was anything new regarding a potential move to Chelsea. He was quoted with the following response:

No, and probably will not be anything. As things stand now, I stay at Tottenham.

I'd guess that's coming largely as a result of his meetings with a certain Daniel Levy, as I doubt Modric has any real knowledge of what Chelsea plans to do concerning a bid in the next several days. It's hard to picture them going as high as the rumored £40 million when considering they began the process with a bid of about half that amount and have been underpaying for virtually everyone lately. With about 24 hours left in the transfer window I'm still pretty clueless as to how this whole thing is going to end. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see Levy and Redknapp sit down and decide it's best for the club to sell him, as he seems unsettled and the fans are turning on him. It also wouldn't surprise me at all to see Levy continue to refuse to give in on his stance. One thing is certain though, the media won't be giving up on this one today unless we sign a different midfielder so we should expect plenty more in the way of "news".

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