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Another New Chelsea Signing Decides To Troll Arsenal

While fans joking about Arsenal's fortunes following the 8-2 hilasacre at Old Trafford might seem slightly too much like kicking people in the nuts while they're down to be that much fun, watching players do it is a different question entirely. Especially new players whom we know very little about. Step on up, Uliles Davila!

Arsenal players didn't have breakfast this morning. They apparently 8-2 much last night.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

(h/t: Sack O'Gonads)

Why is it that things are so much funnier when 20-year-old Mexican professional footballers say them? One thing's for sure - Chelsea's new signings are all buying in to the club in a big way, with Juan Mata teasing Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal within minutes of joining the club, Romelu Lukkau being a fan since childhood and now Davila getting in on the act. It's really fun to see the newbies have some personality.

PS: Unless you're a Chelsea player (in which case hello, may I please have David Luiz's phone number?) if you see an Arsenal fan today, don't make fun of them. Give them a hug or something. God knows they need it.

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