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Genk have received a concrete bid for Kevin De Bruyne from at least one English club.

We've been seeing links to Belgian sensation Kevin De Bruyne for some time now (profiled here), so we know the club has been interested. We've clearly scouted RC Genk heavily, as we completed a transfer for their first choice keeper Thibaut Courtois earlier in the summer. Today word has come from the agent of Kevin De Bruyne that at least one English club has approached Genk with a formal offer:

The only concrete bids are those from England. Will there be a transfer from here later this month? You know just as much as I do how the market works, everything is possible, one way or another.

While De Koster didn't imply whom the bid or bids were received from, the only two teams that have been heavily linked to De Bruyne to this point have been Chelsea and Manchester City. With the previous links to De Bruyne coupled with the business we've already done with Genk, I'd guess it's a safe bet we're a club that has made an offer.

Andre Villas Boas has stressed that he'd like to add depth on the wings, and De Bruyne would qualify as exactly that. He'd also fit in very well with our under 21 youth movement, being the 4th player we've signed who fits that mold this summer. He's been electric for Genk since we profiled him, and he's a large part of the reason they are harboring hopes of the group stages of the Champions League. He's been the best player on the pitch in all of their preliminary round games so far, and as they currently lead Partisan Belgrade 3-2 on aggregate there is a good chance they reach the qualifying stage. I rate him very highly so I've got my fingers crossed on this one that we manage to finalize the deal.

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