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Video: A riposte by Villas-Boas

As Martin Kelner so eloquently put it in the Guardian:

Britain's great gift to the world is undoubtedly sarcasm – that, and Marmite – so congratulations to Chelsea's new coach, André Villas-Boas on picking up the lingua franca so quickly ...

Below is Villas-Boas' post-Norwich interview.

It's typical AVB fodder for 1:50 - insightful, intelligent, just good stuff. Then the Portugese is asked about the penalty kick awarded to Chelsea. Before answering, he's made aware of Norwich City manager Paul Lambert's comments on the subject, specifically that he didn't think it was a penalty.

Ah yes. No worry, Villas-Boas has this one covered.

"Paul Lambert has a good imagination. Fantastic."

Hilarious. I've been critical of the comparisons to Jose Mourinho, but that reply, just the way it oozes that supreme confidence that borders on arrogance, is pure Mourinho. I love it.

And, to think, Villa-Boas wasn't done yet. Unsheathing the dagger was saved for when the interviewer suggested that Ramires went down a little too easy for perceivably his taste.

"All our players seem to go down. The others don't go down. All our players seem to go down early. It's good to be aware of this difference of opinion."

Damn. Again, you have to love it. Enough with the analysis, just enjoy the clip.

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