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Chelsea Fee Agreed For Kevin De Bruyne, Says Dutch & Belgian Media

According to television networks like HLN and many other Dutch and Belgian sources, Chelsea have reportedly agreed to a fee for 20 year old Belgian Kevin De Bruyne. De Bruyne (profiled here) has made it known in recent weeks that his preferred destination was Chelsea and that his agent was already in talks with the club. The fee being reported out of Belgium is a miniscule 10 million, and the deal would include a loan back to Genk for the remainder of this season. That loan deal would reportedly not allow De Bruyne to play against Chelsea in the upcoming group stages of the Champions League, further helping Chelsea by taking away one of their best weapons.

While that is all still somewhat speculative, there is additional good news on the De Bruyne front. The youngster was injured several weeks ago in what originally appeared to be a fairly significant injury. Luckily for him, it appears those original estimates of 4-6 months were a little off. De Bruyne is by all reports likely to be ready for a return to full training when the upcoming international break is over, and he may even be available for selection when Genk faces off against Valencia in the first round of Champions League matches just over two weeks from now. All in all, this is two pieces of really outstanding news to hear on a Monday morning.

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