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Didier Drogba Suffers Concussion Against Norwich City; Out Cold For 30 Minutes

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Update: Here's the latest on Didier Drogba's head injury against Norwich from Dan Levene:

Word on Drogba is that he has only just come around in the medical room after being out cold for almost half an hour. More when I get it.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Yikes. Hopefully now that he's awake again this doesn't prove too serious (which seems unlikely to me, but you've gotta have hope), but thank goodness there's an international break coming up. And if for some reason you want to see what happened (warning: it's not nice) here is a video of the collision.

Another update: Per Levene again, the injury is 'just concussion' - there isn't any other damage from hitting the ground hard while knocked out. So, the good news: No broken bones. The bad news: Concussions that knock you out for half an hour are likely to be very bad news.

Chelsea looked in control against Norwich City but a two minute spell saw the visitors go level - and then, far worse, saw Didier Drogba knocked out cold by a punch from Canaries goalkeeper John Ruddy, who was attempting to clear a cross but missed entirely, catching the Ivorian clean in the face. Drogba was unconscious before he hit the ground, landing very badly in the penalty area and staying down without moving for six minutes as Chelsea's medical team surrounded him.

The 33-year-old showed some signs of consciousness (edit: apparently they weren't very good signs) before being stretched off the pitch and given oxygen, but it was still a very ugly collision and everyone involved looked pretty deeply worried about the situation. Nicolas Anelka came on for Drogba following the striker's eventual removal from the pitch, but the game suddenly looks far less important than our number eleven's health. Hopefully this is nothing serious, but we won't know more until after the match. The stupidest part is that Drogba was offside when he made the header.

Get well soon, Droggles.

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