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Video(s): Mata speaks + 'New Era'

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Sorry for the lack of substance over the past two days or so. I've been locked in a padded room at work, Jamie's been consumed by employment, too, and Devin, well, Devin has been far too busy for blogging. Why? He's currently on a week-long trek around London Town in which he'll be taking in, amongst other things, a shirt signing feature EBJT and Super Frank as well as Saturday's match at the Bridge. Bastard.

Moving on from the extreme bitterness. Below you'll find a pair of visuals to keep you moving until I can get down to chatting up Alvaro Pereira and Florent Malouda.

The first features some quick words from Juan Manuel Mata via ChelseaTV. The second is a brief compilation I watched this afternoon and loved. It's from YouTube user Artinho8, so, you know, if you enjoy it, check out the rest of his collection. Enjoy guys.