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John Obi Mikel's Father Found Alive In Nigeria

Update: Michael Obi has confirmed that he had indeed been kidnapped in the northern Nigerian city of Jos, and that his abductors had demanded a ransom totalling 40,000 for his release. Several arrests have already been made, although it's unclear whether all of his captors have been caught at this point. Mikel's father told the BBC: "I'm stressed and very tired. They beat me up."

We've all been paying very close attention to the continuing story regarding Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel's father, Michael Obi, who was reported kidnapped in Nigeria a week ago. Well, now there's some fantastic news: According to the BBC's Farayi Mungazi, John Obi Mikel's father has been found in Nigeria, is unharmed, and is now safe:

Breaking News!!! Nigerian police confirm to the BBC that they have found John Mikel Obi's father alive and well in Kano. #Chelsea #cfcless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Obviously this is absolutely great news for Mikel and his family. I'm proud of the way Chelsea fans got behind Mikel here, and absolutely amazed that Mikel continued to play well despite all of this hanging over his head. I'm glad that we got a happy ending here - this could so easily have ended badly.

I imagine Mikel will be out there against Norwich City next weekend with a huge smile on his face. What a huge relief this has to be for him.

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