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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: What Spurs Insiders Are Saying About Luka Modric

I'm pretty late to the party on this one, what with the Juan Mata saga and my hours of attempting to make sense of Salomon Kalou's game yesterday, but there's been some news on the Luka Modric front as well. And yes, by news I actually mean idle speculation, but from a fairly well respected source (who, presumably wouldn't talk to sources he didn't trust). Take it away, Guillem Balague.

Was told today by a top source at Spurs that Modric will go too. If that is the case, if that happens... wow!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

Is that something to hang one's hat on? No, obviously not. I'd trust Balague, but I don't necessarily trust his sources to be entirely in the know. He doesn't either, because a few hours later, he came up with this:

Modric? As I said, [someone] at Spurs (not me, not Levy) thinks he'll go. As many of [you] doubted it, I asked 2 more senior sources at Spurs... One told me 100% Modric wont go.The other said it'll depend on what Chelsea pays. As I say, an earlier source [said] he'll go, so take [your] pick!less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

(Two tweets condensed to save space)

So, that's one source saying Modric is definitely going to Chelsea, one saying he definitely isn't and one saying it depends. Why must life be so confusing? Who do we believe here? I suspect most fans would quite like to add Modric to the squad, assuming the deal makes economic sense for Chelsea, but that's no excuse to believe Balague's first tweet and not his second.

I think in this case, we'll pretty much have to average things out and assume that pieces are still up in the air. There are reasons to believe that Chelsea will abandon their pursuit not that Mata's in the fold, or that Tottenham won't sell because they're still cranky, but there are also plenty of reasons to think that Modric is still in the picture for the Blues. And when even 'high-level sources' inside an organisation are confused, it should be pretty obvious that nothing is decided just yet.

And that, of course, means another fun week of speculation. Yaaaaaaaay.

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