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John Obi Mikel's Father's Kidnapping Takes Strange Turn

Well this is odd. Earlier in the week we'd heard that a ransom demand had been made to John Obi Mikel's family after his father had been abducted, with Mikel's brothers quoting his mother as saying that their father was alive and (relatively) well. Now, however, there's been a bit of a turnaround.

I didn't hear [anything] about him. Up till now we have never heard from the police, we didn't hear from them about how far they have got [in the investigation].

We feel that is rumour, because if [the alleged kidnappers] were going to say anything, the family would hear first - but the family never has. We will keep waiting for a call.

-Irosu Obi, John Obi Mikel's mother. Source: BBC.

I'm trying to figure out a way of this making sense and I can't. Here's the quote from earlier, for those who've missed it:

Some people called my mum informing her that they have her husband in custody. My mum, while crying, pleaded with the abductors to release her husband.

-Ebele Obi. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

If some people called Ebele Obi's mother, she apparently doesn't know about it. What can we assume at this point? Either Irosi Obi is lying, Ebele Obi is lying, or Ebele Obi has been misinformed. Also, SEM's statement claiming that they had a ransom demand from the kidnappers is looking very odd as well, if the family hasn't been contacted. What exactly is going on here? The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that Mikel's mother isn't telling the truth, because then all of our other information lines up - but there's no real motive for her to be lying about this stuff.

How confusing. Anyone have any theories?

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