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Milan Lalkovic Heads Out On Loan

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Update: Doncaster have now confirmed that they have signed Milan Lalkovic on a one-month loan.

It looks like reserve fan favourite Milan Lalkovic is moving up in the world and getting his first taste of professional action. A one-month loan at Championship side Doncaster Rovers beckons for the adorable Slovakian under-21 international, who's already won a match for the Chelsea reserves last season with a coolly-taken finish in the 3-2 victory over Sunderland. Lalkovic announced the move over Twitter on Thursday while everyone was still distracted by the Romelu Lukaku signing:

Tweeps and all #cfcfans am headin to doncaster 1month loan probs gona b involved saturday derby away !!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

The 18-year-old's raw speed is enough to cause any defence he faces a real issue, let alone the lesser back lines of the Championship. Lalkovic has all the raw tools to excel with Doncaster, and hopefully he makes a real impact in his month at the club, starting this weekend against Derby. It's about time for him to begin the loan circuit anyway, and if he has a strong year that could really put him in good position to come into the first-team Chelsea squad on a regular basis.

I have high hopes for Lalkovic, and I know most do as well. This is his first opportunity to really start fulfilling them.