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John Obi Mikel's Father Alive, Kidnappers Confirm

Update: We now have a number for the ransom: £78,500, or 9 days of Mikel's wages.

Some good but not great news regarding John Obi Mikel's kidnapped father - he's been confirmed alive but his kidnappers are unwilling to release him until a ransom has been paid (I guess this is unsurprising, on account of them being kidnappers). Mikel's brothers have told the media that they have heard their father's voice and that their mother has been contacted and asked to provide some money:

Some people called my mum informing her that they have her husband in custody. My mum, while crying, pleaded with the abductors to release her husband. They asked her to go and look for money but declined to state how much.

We have heard our father's voice. At least we now know that he is alive. The family is happy, relieved but still we plead with the abductors to release our father.

-Ebele Obi. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

As ever, thoughts going on to Mikel and his family here. I'd say that it'd be nice for the club to help out with the ransom money, but that would just encourage more kidnaps from other players in the future, and nobody wants that, not even for Salomon Kalou (I still like you, Salomon*). All in all, this situation really sucks, and I hope that Mikel's dad can be recovered without bloodshed and that the kidnappers are found and kicked in the nuts a few times.

*Though for hugs! reasons, not really football ones.

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