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Frank Lampard's Throat Infection Magically Cured By England-Holland Postponement

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Frank Lampard was set to miss the England vs. Netherlands friendly today with a throat infection. Now he doesn't have find an excuse to miss the match at all, because it's been cancelled. You can thank the lovely outbreak of rioting and looting across huge bits of England for that. There had been some slight worry that Lampard would also be forced to skip out on Chelsea's opening game of the season against Stoke City thanks to this illness, but apparently his condition is now vastly improved and he's back in training.

Yeah, it's pretty sad that the vice-captain coming down with and then recovering from an imaginary ailment to essentially play hooky from a pointless game is news, but so it goes. I'm 100% convinced that Lampard's always been fine and always ready to start, so it's not like this changes anything for the weekend, but I'm glad the rest of the England contingent is back in Cobham with the squad rather than risking their health so Fabio Capello can look sillier than he usually does.

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