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Zhirkov on his way out?

Is it "so long and thanks for the goal in Moscow" to Yuri Zhirkov?

Reports in Russia are claiming that Zhirkov arrived this morning and has signed with FC Anji for 15 million Euros. Nothing is on either club's website yet, though.

Zhirkov's Chelsea career hasn't exactly been sparkling, given he has often fallen into the Alex-esque injury mire where he disappears for periods of time with no one explaining exactly why. Ancelotti also tended to use him as backup at left-back instead of where I think he could be more useful, in left midfield.

If Zhirkov goes, that just leaves more of a gap creative-wise in our midfield. Malouda will need more competition for that left side of midfield considering his tendency to dip in form. Not sure if I'm best pleased with the decision to ship Zhirkov out, but good luck to him if that is the case!

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