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Time to put The Bison out to pasture? Plus: Emenalo keeps getting promoted

A tale of two Michaels.

Michael Emenalo is Chelsea's new sporting director. I'm at a loss as to what to say about that, so have at it.

Michael Essien is injured. The knee. Again. And it didn't even take two full days of training for it to happen.

I honestly feel like I've just been holding my breath waiting for this to recur. I'm not surprised his knee's gone. The club is going to run tests to see how serious the injury is but it doesn't sound good.

Most of us probably remember the knee injury Essien sustained on international duty that kept him out of the majority of the 2008/09 season and then again during the African Cup of Nations in January 2010, which caused him to miss the World Cup last summer as well. How much more can The Bison take?

We surely can't get rid of Obi-Wan now. Not that I want to, mind.

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