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Sky Reporting That Javier Pastore To PSG Is Done Deal

Not great news for Chelsea if true - Sky are apparently reporting that Javier Pastore to Paris Saint-Germain is done:

Sky reporting a deal for Javier Pastore is done. Media outlet says Pastore will join #PSG for €45m. He has a 4 year deal for €4.5m a season.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

That doesn't look fantastic, but I wouldn't jump off any bridges just yet. It's important to note that nothing about this deal has been confirmed by either side, and there's nothing that indicates any new information has come out since Thursday (although that salary is a touch lower than previously reported) - this is just being re-branded as a more official package. It's pretty easy to remain skeptical that this is anywhere near complete, especially with Pastore's agent supposedly in London talking to Chelsea this weekend. Remember, last time we saw 'done deal' it was talking about Neymar's move to Chelsea.

With the money that PSG are apparently offering, it's very hard to see why Pastore would choose Ligue 1 over the Premier League, and it would be disappointing if Chelsea lost out based on the player preferring to go elsewhere. If it's a matter of being out-bid by Palermo, that's fine, but Pastore choosing a Europa League team in a lesser league would be a bit of an embarrassment for the Blues.

Anyway, as I said, nothing's official yet, and this is merely a continuation of Thursday's rumours. That doesn't stop this having a faintly ominous ring about it, however...

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