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Tomas Kalas finds the back of the net in the UEFA U19 semis

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The Czech republic played Serbia in the first of the semifinals of the UEFA U19 championships today, beating the Serbs by a final score of 4-2. Tomas Kalas found himself in the middle of most of the action today. He played a part in all but 1 of the first half goals. He got the Czechs out to an early lead, intercepting a ball and threading a beautiful pass to start the counter that resulted in the first goal of the match. He then found himself in the perfect position to hammer home a rebound off of a corner to score the second goal of the match. His cartwheeling goal celebration was nothing short of fantastic. The Czechs scored again off of a penalty moments later to give themselves a commanding 3 goal lead.

It wasn't all roses for Kalas today, though, as the defensive line had a few miscues in the next several minutes to allow a pair of quick goals. On both goals, the Czech center pairing seemed to have some confusion about where to be. Kalas seemd to be playing a high line for the offsides trap (as did both fullbacks), but defensive partner Jakob Brabic kept drifting back and allowing Djordje Despotovic room to get in behind the defense. In a flash it was 3-2. The game settled down after that, and Kalas had a brutally efficient second half as he simply sat back and defended. The game was put to rest in stoppage time as the Czechs managed another goal on the counter. Here're some highlights.

All told, it was a very good game for Kalas. I find it hard to fault him for either goal, as he is likely used to players at Chelsea who do a much better time holding their lines. He's also been a real menace on set pieces throughout the tournament. Anyone interested in seeing him in action in the finals can catch them on Monday. In all likelihood the final will be against the Spanish, as they have a commanding 2-0 lead at the half and have dominated possession. They should provide an interesting test for Kalas.