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VIDEO: Neymar Shows Why Some People Think He's Worth So Much

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Like you, I am beyond bored of Neymar. I am sick of Neymar, his agents and anyone associated with Santos. But there are some who still hold out hope that Neymar will indeed be coming to Europe (and maybe, to Stamford Bridge), despite the incredible price tag and the repeated statements that he wants to remain in Brazil with Santos. And when he does things like this, you can understand just why people might want a pouty teenage diver on their squad:

No matter how annoying Neymar and his representatives can be, no matter how badly he fluffed his lines at the Copa America, the boy's got the talent to do stuff like that. He doesn't have discipline, maturity or respect - that may come in time. But when he's on, there's virtually nobody in the world who can match him as a pure footballer, and that's why Santos want so much money for him, Good grief.