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Wednesday morning Pastore talk with Maurizio Zamparini

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Zamparini's Tuesday deadline came and went without so much as a peep out of Palermo as to the status of Javier Pastore, causing some to worry what was going on with the negotiations (or about the health of Zamparini). Not to worry though, Maurizio Zamparini has returned to save the day with yet another quote about the impending sale of his best player. According to Sky Sports, Zamparini said the following this morning:

I'll only talk after the sale. We're close to finalizing it. It's only a matter of time

Well, this had surprisingly little to it. Usually Zamparini is full of things to say about Pastore and how he's about to move on, but this morning provided very little in the way of detail. It's also the first time he hasn't seemed to be attempting to drum up other bids for the player. He's generally been more than willing to come forward with plenty of information about a sale, so it's quite possible we're actually close to some sort of resolution here.

Most reports have the deal down to one of PSG or Chelsea, and it's generally believed that the English club would offer much more in the way of opportunity to Pastore. My personal interpretation of today's much less detailed than usual news is that both clubs have probably offered an acceptable amount to Palermo for the players services, and now it's down to Pastore to reach a decision. Also just an opinion, but I'd guess Pastore is attempting to seem genuinely interested in PSG to squeeze a little extra money out of Chelsea. Then again, it could just be more hot air from Zamparini.

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