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Humorous agent quote of the day: FC Porto turned down €80 million for Hulk

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According to a report from Sky Sports, Hulk's agent (Teodoro Fonseca) has claimed that Porto have received a bid of €80 million for the Porto striker/winger and turned it down out of hand.

I would be lying if I said no proposals have emerged to sign Hulk. I think the highest bid was €80 million, but Porto did not even want to negotiate.

When asked who the club bidding this ridiculous amount was, he stated:

I cannot reveal that. But it is not hard to see because there are only three or four clubs who are able to present those kind of numbers for a player.

Hulk is an excellent player, but 80 million Euros?  If Porto actually got offered that much for Hulk I think they'd have been running Hulk to the airport to pack him on a plane.  It sounds to me like the typical rubbish that the media likes to create, but Sky has actually quoted a source that should be in the know here.

I can only think of a few things Fonseca could be trying to accomplish here.  He could simply be trying to get his player a raise in pay.  I'd have to think this would be more effective if the team didn't realize what the actual bids for the player were though, as Porto certainly realize that no such ludicrous bid exists (and I think even Sky realized this was rubbish when they published it). 

He might also realize that his player isn't likely to go anywhere without a ridiculous bid, so he's trying to convince interested teams that there actually is a ridiculous bid already in play.  If that's the case, however, I think he might have gone out and set the bar a little too high.  Nobody is going to pay Ronaldo money for Hulk, nice a player as he may be.  

I think we can safely chalk this one up as being utter rubbish.  If it looks like crap and smells like crap, it probably is, in fact, crap.