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Chelsea FC confirm Thibaut Courtois signing

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This afternoon the Blues released a statement on the official website confirming the signing of Belgian shotstopper Thibaut Courtois. According to the website, the 6'6" keeper has signed on for the next five years, with only the first of those seasons being commited to a loan at Atletico Madrid. When asked why he chose Chelsea, Courtois responded with the following:

Chelsea is one of the biggest clubs in the world at the moment and gave me the opportunity first to be loaned to another team and then to come back and join the first team squad and then maybe to play there, so it will be a wonderful possibility to play for one of the best teams in the world. That is the reason why I chose Chelsea.

When asked about his breakthrough season with Genk, Coutois responded with the following:

Now last season I could play because the first goalkeeper had some problems with his licence and I did well at the beginning so I could stay in the goal, and that was the season that we became champions. Two years ago Genk only finished 11th and now last year we played with the same team and we became champions so everyone was saying this was something really special. Our last game was against Standard Liege and they had to win to be champions and we had to just draw to win it. They scored first but we made it 1-1 and in the last five minutes I had to make three good saves and this for me was the highlight of the season.

We've known the deal was done for a bit, but it's nice to see the signing become official none the less. Welcome to Chelsea Thibaut...I'll be following Atletico Madrid closely now this season. For anyone interested in seeing Atletico's next game, they have a Europa League tie on Thursday afternoon.