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Speculation Ahoy: Who Are Ron Gourlay's '2 Signings'?

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Interesting quotes today from Thailand about strengthening the squad. Ron Gourlay was talking to a supporter's group about what's next for Chelsea, and he almost idly mentioned that there will be 'at least two signings' within the next two weeks. Which is a little odd:

Andre has the chance to analyse the squad and then we take it from there, but from our activity in the market place in the past, if the coach feels there is a player available that can strengthen our team then we almost definitely go into the market place, and we will have at least two signings in the next eight to 10 days.

-Ron Gourlay. Source:

What do we make of this? It's really tough to puzzle it out, because as far as we know Thibaut Courtois is already signed,  and Oriol Romeu is at an international tournament and therefore either already signed or won't be signing until he's back. So, what's going on here?

My reading of this comes up as one of two things: Either I am confused and Gourlay is referring to Courtois and Romeu, which is entirely reasonable, or we're talking about one or two new young prospects coming in, which would be ace. I am almost positive that he's not talking about Romelu Lukaku, Javier Pastore or Luka Modric here, because of the implications of the previous clause - an 'if' followed by the definite 'will' implies that any major squad strengthening is yet to be decided upon.

However, I could be wrong (this happens a lot), and this is fun to speculate about. Floor over to you lot, then. What exactly does this mean?