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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Arturo Vidal Not Happening; Midfielder Joins Juventus

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I was thinking about who I'd like to see signed for the first team this summer, and in terms of midfield reinforcements I had settled on Arturo Vidal and Javier Pastore as my favourite combination. Unfortunately, Vidal is now out of the picture on account of the Chilean moving to Juventus for about £10M after add-ons. The former Bayer Leverkusen midfielder went cheaply because he only had one year left on his deal, but he was being chased by a number of Champions League teams across Europe - it's not as though nobody wanted him.

How he ended up at Juventus, then, is anyone's guess. With all due respect to Juve - they're a huge club and will be back at the very top of the Serie A before too long, I imagine - they're not offering Champions League football and everyone else (including Chelsea, of course) is. That sounds like bitterness about not managing to sign Vidal, but it really isn't*. I hope he has a good few years in Turin and play well. I'm just a little baffled by the decision to go there and not, say, Arsenal.

With Oriol Romeu coming in, Chelsea didn't really need a Vidal style midfielder anyway, so I'm not going to get too cut up over this.

Did Juventus offer Vidal more money? I doubt it. Did they offer Leverkusen more money? Probably not - the fee reported is about the same as what other teams were supposed to have been offering. Was the interest from non-Juve clubs actually there? Hard to say, of course, but probably, since there's no reason for them not to want a dynamic, versatile midfielder.

Thinking about it, I like the idea that this is a mystery. We're so used to players going to wherever pays them the most money, or offers them Champions League football that it's easy to forget that players can do (economically) irrational things too. Maybe Vidal is Turin-bound because he likes the club's history, or loves the highlighter-pink kits, or is exceptionally fond of their manager. Those sort of things make him far more human than if he'd simply following the beaten path to Stamford Bridge. Good luck to him in Italy.