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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Oriol Romeu Set To Sign For Blues

Hands up if you thought that Thibaut Courtois and Oriol Romeu were going to be the first two pieces of Andre Villas-Boas' Chelsea makeover. Liars.

Anyway, Chelsea have either already signed or are about to sign FC Barcelona's Oriol Romeu, depending on who you ask, which raises interesting questions on the nature of information and time travel. For those of you who don't really know who Romeu is, he's a defensive midfielder who's featured for the Spain under-21s and intermittently for the Barcelona first team. He is also worse at football than Sergio Busquets, which means he's never going to be able to have any sort of real career at Barca.

That, of course, means that he's available for purchase. The Catalans have apparently accepted a €5M bid from Chelsea for the midfielder, and although many sources are reporting that there's a buy-back clause (meaning that there'd be a set price at which Barcelona could take Romeu back to Spain in two years) in the deal many more are not, so we'll go with 'not' for now.

Steve will be profiling him later, but I like the basic concept behind these sorts of moves, and there's not much money in this at all. Collect those prospects!

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