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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Thibaut Courtois Set For Long-Term Loan To Atletico Madrid

With Chelsea all but officially signing Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois (a €9M fee has been agreed with RC Genk for the 19-year-old, he's undergoing a medical and then will agree personal terms after that), the next question regarding the youngster's future is just where he'll be plying his trade for the next few years. After all, Petr Cech is going nowhere, and to develop properly Courtois needs to play. Well, here's your answer, probably:

Thibaut Courtois tells HNB that he will probably go on loan to Athletico, and it could be for 2 or 3 seasons. #cfcless than a minute ago via Twittelator Favorite Retweet Reply

I'm assuming HNB is a Belgian newspaper, but a cursory glance told me nothing, so I can't find the original source. Here's the original source on that, assuming you can read Dutch (and if you don't, that's what amazing commenters are for). Anyway, this would perfect sense. Although it was widely expected that Courtois would return to Genk after signing with the Blues, his departure from the club was sufficiently acrimonious (they really wanted to keep him, he really wanted to come to Chelsea) that that wasn't an option.

Atletico, meanwhile were in the market for a full-on purchase Courtois, having sold first choice keeper David de Gea to Manchester United earlier in the summer, and now they get to develop him for us. It'll be some time before Courtois is ready for the rigours of the Premier League, so even the length of the deal is completely fine. I wonder how much of a loan fee Chelsea are getting for this...

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