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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Belgian Newspaper Claims Romelu Lukaku Signing Imminent

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I have no idea how credible the Gazet van Aantwerpen is, but they're claiming that Romelu Lukaku is extremely close to leaving Anderlecht for Chelsea FC:

Voor Anderlecht-spits Romelu Lukaku komt vandaag mogelijk zijn grootste droom uit. Manager Herman Van Holsbeeck zit namelijk in Engeland samen met de clubleiding van Chelsea.

Lukaku, nog altijd maar 18, wordt al geruime tijd in verband gebracht met de club uit Londen. Met de transfer zal een bedrag van rond de vijftien miljoen euro gemoeid zijn. Het vertrek van de Ebbenhouten Schoen van 2011 zou een serieuze aderlating zijn voor de Brusselse club. Lukaku kwam in 71 competitiewedstrijden 31 keer tot scoren. In het seizoen 2009-2010 werd hij topschutter van de Jupiler League met 15 doelpunten.

With our handy-dandy Google translate machine, we get something that looks like the following:

For Anderlecht striker Romelu Lukaku his biggest dream is possible today, because [Anderlecht] manager Herman Van Holsbeeck is in England with Chelsea.

Lukaku, still only 18, has long been associated with the club from London. His transfer will be for a sum of around fifteen million euros. The departure of the Ebony Shoe* in 2011 would be a serious drain to the Brussels club. Lukaku has scored 31 times in 71 league games, and in the 2009-2010 season he was the league's top scorer with 15 goals.

*The Ebony Shoe is probably the best nickname ever, even it's it just an artifact of terrible machine translating.

Lukaku's been associated Chelsea for years now, and if this does go through it'd be a good deal. €15M for one of the top striker prospects in Europe and a direct heir to Didier Drogba? Sounds pretty good, especially when you consider his age. Lukaku is 18, and a reading of the home grown player rules would seem to imply that he'd count as home grown even after he turns 21 so long as he's acquired this summer.

Good news, I think. I'm a fan of Lukaku's and I was expecting Anderlecht to hold out for far more than the €15M reported. There were rumours that Jose Mourinho wanted him to come to Real Madrid this summer, too, and that's as ringing an endorsement as I can imagine. Hopefully we get official confirmation of this soon, because it's totally cool.