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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: £27M Luka Modric Bid Dismissed By Harry Redknapp

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Harry Redknapp has responded to Chelsea's improved bid for Tottenham Hotspur Luka Modric, and said response was entirely predictable. No, £27M isn't enough. No, Modric will not be sold. Ever. At all. Although Daniel Levy hasn't come out with a statement of his own, there's no reason to believe that his response will be any different from the manager's.

I still think £27m is a pretty poor offer in my opinion for a player of that ability. It wouldn't be anywhere near what I value him at if he was for sale, but he is not for sale. There is nowhere to go with it really. That's the end of it. The chairman has made his stance. He is not for sale and that's it.

-Harry Redknapp. Source: Guardian.

When asked about whether a transfer request would change the situation at all, the answer was (surprise!) no. Putting ourselves in Spurs shoes, it's pretty obvious that we'd be digging in our heels over the prospect of selling our best player - who's also signed to an immensely team-friendly contract - when we're on the very bubble of Champions League contention. For Tottenham, the Modric saga isn't about just their midfield ace leaving, but rather a question of whether or not they're even capable of building a team and sustaining it. Lose their centre and they're set back for years.

It's hard to blame them for being so irritated about this, but I should also point out that Redknapp is making a fundamental error in his valuation of Modric. Namely, it's that his ability is what's being bought, when in reality Chelsea are making a bid for the entire Luka Modric package, including his future wages. As I've mentioned previously, this is the reason behind the huge disconnect between his value to Spurs (I wouldn't be surprised if this were close to £50M) and his value to Chelsea, which is much closer to the sums offered up by the Blues. It's just basic economics, but it's going to cause one hell of a fight.

If I were Chelsea, I'd hold the offer where it is for the rest of the month and let Spurs stew. I maintain that even in the absence of Essien, the Blues don't actually need Modric, which means that they should go all Fernando Torres on us and pay stupid money to get him (I'm still angry about that, by the way). Let the situation between the club and the player grow increasingly uncomfortable - without tapping him up, of course - and see what happens.

But they'll probably just keep raising the bid instead.