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Thibaut Courtois Anyone? Plus: Latest of Luka Chatter

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So it seems we may well at last be in the market for someone this summer. Presenting our first potential capture, 19 year old Genk keeper, Thibaut Courtois, or as I shall henceforth refer to him Mr. Thibs. More after the jump.


Mr. Thibs

Reports have surfaced this afternoon (stateside, that is) that Chelsea are on the verge of securing the Genk keeper's signature, potentially signaling our first major signing of the summer session. By all accounts, Mr. Thibs can play, as he helped Genk secure first place in Belgium last term. Presumably, the deal is designed to park him at Genk for at least two more years, wherein he can further hone his craft while Mr. Cech continues to man the sticks with steady gait and resolve. All told, this is great news considering how little I think of RAWSE and even less that I value Mr. Hilario at this juncture. It bodes well for the future too, since we haven't had a young prospect of this quality for quite some time. For a copy of the source article, click here.

As for Modric? Welp, the media is reporting that we've entered the market once again, this time with a second bid in the region of 27mm pounds. I strongly doubt this is enough to get us the player, but based on the latest injury to The Bison, it bears repeating that we're in need of a midfielder, sharpish. I'd say, realistically, 30mm will get it done- since THFC hold all the cards at this point, you can bet they'll do everything in their power to relent until the last hour. For more info on this, check out the article here.

As always, KTBFFH.