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Chelsea's 2011/12 3rd Kit Leaked, Redefines 'Hideous'

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There's not really much to say about this. Football-Shirts has the new Chelsea 3rd kit, and it's absolutely terrible. I'm actually assuming you've looked at the picture before you're reading the words, but just in case... WARNING! VIEWING THIS SHIRT MAY CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO YOUR VISUAL CORTEX AND/OR SOUL. I need to make that flash somehow...

The new third kit looks a little like it's based on last year's white training top, which would be fine if it hadn't been beaten with an ugly stick in the process. The yellow looks absolutely awful and there's entirely too much black. This could have looked amazing if not for the two front panels, but instead is a total eyesore. I'd rather have kept last year's neon green third kits, and that's saying somethind since I don't actually enjoy it when the team looks like a highlighter commercial.

On the plus side, I do like the home kits more based on how bad the other two are. When that's your silver lining, though... ugh.