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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Anatomy Of A Diego Godin Rumour

Something is wrong with his face!
Something is wrong with his face!

I think the way the UK media handles transfer rumours is pretty funny. I've been accused of being in thrall to the rumour cycle in the past (i.e. January), but I like to think that I have some perspective on things, an opinion, a discerning eye. Whatever.

Anyway, there's a rumour floating around about a potential Chelsea bid for Atletico Madrid centre back Diego Godin. Let's take a look at a random article to figure out just what's going on here. Sky Sports News, you're up.

Godin Eyes Blues Move

Wow, that's pretty straightforward. In reality, this headline should be 'reporter prods Diego Godin about Chelsea, he likes the idea.'

Uruguay defender ready to 'step up' if Chelsea come knocking

Are you seriously telling me a player at a second-tier La Liga side would like to come to Chelsea? Holy crap! This is revelatory. I like how the headline and sub-heading have given the impression that Godin is wandering around proclaiming his intense desire to move to London. It's positively Shakespearean.

Atletico Madrid defender Diego Godin has revealed he would be open to a move to Chelsea this summer.

I did read the headline. Thanks though, Sky.

The Uruguay centre-half claims Atletico turned down a bid from the Blues in the January transfer window.

And they ended up buying David Luiz instead. They're kind of set for centre halves right now. Pay close attention to the sourcing that Sky uses here though - so far it's all claims from Godin himself. That's about to change.

However, the Premier League giants are thought to be back in for the highly-rated stopper, and he insists he would welcome a switch to Stamford Bridge if they come knocking again.

Are thought?! By whom? Me? You? Godin? Bob from down the street? The hell is this? This isn't reporting, idiots. Oh, and Godin would like to play for Chelsea. WE FUCKING KNOW.

Godin said in The Mirror: "In January, Atletico received an offer but the transfer did not happen. They had already sold other players and did not want to weaken the team further then. For Chelsea to still be interested in having me is an honour and means I must be playing well. Who would not want to play there? To do so would be a step up."

This is a quote that says absolutely nothing new, but at least we know where the 'journalist' who hounded the poor guy (presumably while on vacation) came from.

Anyway, long story short: I don't think the Godin rumours have any legs. Hard and fast rule: Unless you see quotes that actually support the thesis of the article (in this case, it would be the twin ideas that Chelsea want Godin and Godin want Chelsea), it's probably not worth writing up, is it? Chelsea have better things to do than chase up a fourth-choice centre back right now.

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