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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Blues Make Bid For Wesley Sneijder?

I have no idea how legitimate this is, but it does rather pique the interest. According to Mohamed Moallim, who writes about Dutch football as is referencing the Gazzetta Dello Sport, Chelsea have offered Inter Milan €35M for midfielder Wesley Sniejder:

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Chelsea have made a €35M offer for Wesley Sneijder. If Sir Alex [Ferguson] wants him, he’s got to get a move on.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

That's Chelsea now linked to both Wesley Sneijder and Javier Pastore, two sublimely talented attacking midfielders from the Serie A. I'd actually rather they pick up someone like Luka Modric for cheaper, because as I've mentioned before, our real needs lie on the wings, but it's hard to deny that Sneijder would be a fun addition to the team.

Sneijder, of course, joined Inter two years ago after finding himself marginalised at Real Madrid, joining Jose Mourinho for his Champions League-winning campaign and then reaching the World Cup finals in the same season. Given his scoring rate in South Africa, it's easy to think of him as some sort of clone of Frank Lampard, but he really isn't - he's only scored nineteen league goals between the Serie A and La Liga, and his game is more about opening up opportunities for others rather than finishing things off as Lampard does.

He's a top player, but that said, I'm not convinced that this is legitimate. Chelsea probably need a manager or Director of Football or someone who can make these decisions before actively recruiting players, and their effort should really be focused on landing Guus Hiddink right now. Bring him in, and then we can talk about Sneijder. I don't see why Chelsea would be doing things the other way around.

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