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More On Guus Hiddink And Chelsea FC

Are you guys getting bored of this rumour yet? The Turkish FA are apparently becoming increasingly unsettled by
Guus Hiddink's refusal to commit his future to the team, a situation which is further fueling rumours that he'll be announced at Chelsea within days. Also fueling said rumours are people who repeat them - to whit:

Awaiting confirmation but Hiddink expected to be on way to Chelsea early as tomorrow. Not clear if he will be manager or Dir of Football.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Dan knows what's what, so I'd be inclined to think he's right. Hopefully we avoid the impossibly dull spectre of Mark Hughes, and it's sounding increasingly like Hiddink will be coming our way. Since it also sounds like Portuguese heartthrob and general badass Andre Villas Boas will try his Champions League luck for another season with Porto, Hiddink as club manager for a year before becoming Director of Football would appear to make the most sense, but I'm just speculating at this point. Regardless, expect to hear news sooner rather than later.

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