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Chelsea FC Transfer Rumours: Michael Essien Going Nowhere, Agent Claims

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Midfielder Michael Essien had an indifferent, injury-hit season with Chelsea in 2010/11, and with that following a 09/10 campaign that was mostly lost to injury the naysayers have crept out of the woodwork. Many are suggesting that Essien's time at Stamford Bridge is drawing to a close, and rumours have been floating around that AC Milan have made a bid for him and that Essien may be going to the Bundesliga. Said rumours have now been rubbished by Essien's camp.

There's absolutely no chance of Essien leaving Chelsea. It is not true that the club's new coach Villas-Boas wants to release Michael. In fact, the new coach knows Essien very well having worked at the club before and he knows what Michael can do for the club. Michael is also focused on staying at the club because he has a very good relationship with the team's supporters, the new manager and the club owner. He is not leaving.

-Fabien Pivetea, Michael Essien's agent. Source: ESPN Soccernet.

Of course, Essien not leaving Chelsea is only one way of looking at this quote - all it's really saying is that Essien doesn't want to leave Chelsea. Andre VIllas-Boas knowing him from his previous spell at the club (when he was indeed one of the best midfielders in the world) does not preclude him from wishing to move Essien on now, because he's manifestly not the same player as he used to be.

Ultimately, it doesn't much matter whether or not Essien wants to stay. If VIllas-Boas believes he can get more out of the Bison than Ancelotti did, he should certainly keep him around. If not, a sale makes sense. Essien has historically been one of Chelsea's top players, so it'd be a huge shame to see him go, but it'd also be deeply sad if he stuck around and played like a ghost of himself for the next few years.

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